4 Signs You Should Ask An AV Company For Help

Audiovisual (AV) systems are present in a wide range of environments in modern life. People often are comfortable working on these systems without professional help. However, you will see signs, especially at a business, that it's time to contact an AV company. Connection Problems When you wire things up or connect them with wireless protocols, there's a good chance that you'll cross your fingers before turning everything on. You may find, though, that things connect intermittently or just don't connect.

Tips For Better Acoustics In Your School Theater Or Classroom

Is your school or college putting together a new school theater or auditorium? Maybe you aren't creating a brand new space, but you'd like to have better acoustics within your classrooms. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to keep outside noise out and ensure better acoustics within an enclosed space on your school's campus. Consider More Insulation for Not Just the Walls But the Ceilings As Well