3 Ways Home Automation Helps With Children's Bedtime Routines

Modern technology not only includes advanced features and connections, but home automation installation can completely change the way you go through daily routines. Putting children to sleep can be a hassle, but home automation will make the process a lot easier and help create a routine for the whole family.

Learn how a home automation installation can directly help with bedtime routines and specific activities.

1. Light Dimmers

Control the lights in your house to set up a relaxing and engaging bedtime routine. With automatic light dimmers, you can set a timer to dim the lights at a specific time. The dim lights will provide a comfortable way to get tucked in, tell bedtime stories, and enjoy the last moments before bed.

With older children, you can set up a lights out timer where the lights dim to create a ten-minute warning. After ten minutes the lights will shut off for the night. A home automation installation will include digital light controls so you can monitor the lights and ensure the children have the lights out.

2. Television Timers

Smart plugs and advanced cable boxes connected to a home automation system will also give you complete control over the televisions in a home. Prevent children from watching TV all night by setting TV timers in rooms and common areas. The TV timers give you a chance to limit video games, show access, and other entertainment options.

For example, you can set a TV timer to shut off at 9 PM every night. With the automatic timer set, you do not have to monitor every action or constantly check on the children to make sure they are following the rules. The children will adapt to the new timers and get used to the typical shut off times.

3. Relaxing Music

Some children may fall asleep better with some ambient music or sounds. With the installation of a home automation system, you can control the sounds in each room and create peaceful soundtracks to help lull a child to sleep.

The use of smart speakers allows you to play the same music in each room or select specific songs based on the room. For example, one child may prefer classical music while another enjoys movie scores. As you try out different options, you can set multiple playlists that can become a fun tradition in the home and something each child looks forward to.

The settings and features not only help during bedtime routines but for other routines in the home as well.

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